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Reading the Koran in Church

Recently an episode in Scotland reminded us about the need to be clear: there is only one God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. ...Keep Reading

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Fallin' Short

I was disappointed in the outcome of the Super Bowl. But the good news is that Jesus never disappoints us....Keep Reading

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Ukraine Update

Who pastors the pastors? I was recently meeting with our pastors in Ukraine, encouraging them in their rewarding but demanding task of gospel ministry in Ukraine....Keep Reading

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Back to the Future

As great as the past was, God is calling us forward to the future. But the future God has for us is rooted in what he has already done as described in the Bible....Keep Reading

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Super Bowl Season

God's vision for our lives is victory, not survival. But victory is about more than winning personally - it's about God's purposes winning. ...Keep Reading

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Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Imagine a generous husband who gets a big bonus and decides to buy his wife a diamond ring for Christmas. It comes in small package, and when she opens it, she admires it, thanks him, but then sets it to the side. In the midst of all the Christmas-day chaos, the small but valuable diamond ring gets knocked off the end table, covered in Christmas paper, and lost. ...Keep Reading

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Faith for the New Year

As we prepare to enter the New Year, our focus on being faithful with the gospel is more important than ever. I was recently chatting with my dad about the impact CBU has had over the decades since our first conference in 1974. Thousands have been touched, but it has been for a purpose. ...Keep Reading

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My Perspective on the Presidential Election

Our nation is still processing the results of the recent election. As Christians, it is important to allow the Bible to frame not only how we think about this election, but how we position ourselves in a nation that desperately needs healing. For believers, the mission of God has to be the over-riding concern that governs our lives. ...Keep Reading

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Navigating Transitional Times

We live in turbulent times of significant transition. How do we navigate these moments?...Keep Reading

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A Series of Fortunate Events

Sometimes a small seed planted grows into something big - and grows into unexpected places....Keep Reading

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