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Reflections on my daughter's wedding

Weddings happen all over the world, every day. But it's not every day that my own daughter gets married. We just returned from Nagoya, Japan, where my oldest daughter Julia married Kazuyoshi Matsumoto. Here's the story behind the story, followed by some reflections from a fatherly perspective. ...Keep Reading

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The Mission of Easter

It’s that time of year when we get to hit the pause button from everything else going on ...Keep Reading

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Ministry Update: Busy But Blessed

A common response to the question, 'How's it going?' is 'Busy!'. And while it's true that we can be too busy, I often respond by saying, 'Better busy than bored!'. And while that's also true, there is something that's even better than being busy - and that is being blessed. In reflecting on what we've been up to, we've been busy ... but we're blessed!...Keep Reading

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Like a Mighty Rushing Wind

The active presence of the Holy Spirit is not something God intended to be limited to the early church; this is also our inheritance in Christ....Keep Reading

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The Year of Jubilee

Jesus came to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor, a spiritual jubilee in which we are restored to the happy land of our relationship with God. This positions us for active participation in God's purposes, including gratitude-based generosity. Every time we give, every moment we share with those in need, every week we set aside a tithe and give it to God to fund his worship, we are participating with Christ in his kingdom purposes....Keep Reading

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Reading the Koran in Church

Recently an episode in Scotland reminded us about the need to be clear: there is only one God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. ...Keep Reading

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Fallin' Short

I was disappointed in the outcome of the Super Bowl. But the good news is that Jesus never disappoints us....Keep Reading

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Ukraine Update

Who pastors the pastors? I was recently meeting with our pastors in Ukraine, encouraging them in their rewarding but demanding task of gospel ministry in Ukraine....Keep Reading

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Back to the Future

As great as the past was, God is calling us forward to the future. But the future God has for us is rooted in what he has already done as described in the Bible....Keep Reading

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Super Bowl Season

God's vision for our lives is victory, not survival. But victory is about more than winning personally - it's about God's purposes winning. ...Keep Reading

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