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CBU Travel Opportunities

CBU specializes in providing transformational travel experiences to key destinations around the world.  Specifically, we focus on tours to Israel and retracing the footsteps of Paul in Turkey and Greece.  Several key factors make CBU travel unique:


shutter ephesus 02Christian:  God has called his Church to be family, and there’s nothing like getting to know new people and have a great time growing and connecting with other like-minded Christians.

Intentional:  More than just a holiday, we go to key places around the world.  We go to places like Israel where the Bible comes to life as we walk where Jesus walked.  We go to places like Greece and Turkey, where we experience the Spirit-empowered gospel advance described in Acts.

Transformational: Although we have a good time, God always meets us on trips, and the trips become times of growth and encouragement.  We include daily opportunities for prayer and Bible study with all of our travel.


Upcoming Trips:

  • Walking In Paul’s Footsteps (5-17 September 2014).  Join us for a transformational time as we study the book of Acts and trace Paul’s missionary journeys through modern-day Turkey and into Greece.  Your deeper understanding of the New Testament and appreciation for the churches of the New Testament period will foster an even closer walk with Christ.


shutter israel man

      Jerusalem Arch          Jerusalem Golden Gate


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