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The Israel Experience 2013




THE ISRAEL EXPERIENCE: "A Land flowing with milk and honey" (Deuteronomy 26:9)

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Don't miss this opportunity for an extraordinary spiritual adventure you will cherish for a lifetime! Hosted by Jim Jackson, this is more than a trip to Israel - it's an experience with God as we walk where Jesus walked, pray where the prophets prayed, and see what Abraham saw. For those who have never been to Israel before - and for those who have been many times - this will be an unforgettable opportunity to be refreshed in God as you experience His Word on location.

We are committed to offering the best, safest, and most comfortable Spirit-filled tours to Israel available today. Your heart will be stirred and your faith will grow as you see how God's hand has preserved his people, and how his power has guided the history of all that has happened on the most amazing real estate on planet earth.

More than just another trip - you'll experience personal transformation as we study the Bible and the historical, archeological, geopgraphic and cultural setting for the greatest events in human history. Not only will see the all the key sights in Israel, God will meet us there as we reflect in scripture about what happened in times past and what it means for us today.

Israel is a very diverse and beautiful country and the “apple of God’s eye” (Zechariah 2:8). The climate is comfortable and the topography varies from green and lush with beautiful flowers covering the countryside to the wilderness desert with its own unique beauty.Jim will be your personal host, and we'll be accompanied by and hand-picked tour guide offerin the best Israel experience available.

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