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Experience The Holy Land!





First Presbyterian Church, Cornelia Georgia



Dear Friends;

Over 30 years of serving Christ, I always have had a dream to visit and see and touch and experience these special places in the land of the Bible. And now I invite you to join me as we anticipate “Experiencing the Holy Land with First Presbyterian Church of Cornelia, Georgia.”

Now, I am thrilled to invite you to join the trip to Israel with the First Presbyterian Church of Cornelia, Georgia to experience the Holy Land. We’ll go to have real experiences where Jesus was born, baptized, did His ministry, died, and ascended to heaven. Now that time is coming and I would like to share this blessing with you. There is high expectation that all who join this will come back home with new understanding of God’s Word, a new attitude, and a renewed life in Christ.

We will be visiting all the special sites that mean so much to us as Christians. The bible will actually come alive for each person like never before as we stand “on location” where powerful and significant events took place. We will have devotion and Bible studies at each stop. Expecting that we all will be totally amazed, challenged and blessed through all the Biblical, archeological and historical information we are given every day.

Our guides are the best Israel has to offer and chosen because of their in-depth knowledge of the land in light of scriptures. We will not only gain Biblical historical, archeological insight but consider as well how the prophetic scriptures point to the times in which we live and how it relates to the future.

All accommodation and travel arrangements are “super deluxe”. Hotels will be wonderful and food delicious! Nothing is held back to see every need will be met in order that we will have “the experience of a lifetime” on this trip. This trip, we will be totally safe and totally cared for throughout this trip.

Now it is time to make your decision to join me and the First Presbyterian Church of Cornelia to experience the Holy Land, the Land of milk and honey…the Promised Land, the land that Jesus Christ our Lord and our Savior came to save us and the world. This is “once in our lifetime trip”! Let’s pray and start planning and join this wonderful, excited, and blessed trip.

Rev. Dr. James Oudom


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Jerusalem Golden Gate

shutter israel manJerusalem Arch