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Our Values

Just like any family, CBU has values that animate who we are and mark our contribution to the body of Christ.  These themes are more than preferences; they are traits – they define who we are.  We mention them here simply so that you have an opportunity to get a feel for what we’re about.

The Bible:  CBU events have always centered on Bible teaching.  God’s Word transforms us to be more like Jesus and trains us to be effective ministers of his love and grace.  Whereas many people in an age of relativism have looked to alternative standards, we embrace the Bible as the ultimate authority for what we believe and how we live.   To hear some of the great sermons from previous events, go HERE

Unity:  CBU honors the redemptive work of Christ that transcends denominational, cultural, and national lines.  God has one Church – one family - on the earth, and we celebrate the beautiful diversity of God’s people.  That means that we tend to focus on what unites us in Christ rather than what divides us.   That’s why we have always been non-denominational in our perspective.

Spirit-filled:  CBU began during the charismatic renewal.  Our ministries have been shaped and our events have been marked by authentic encounters with the Holy Spirit.  We value the ongoing ministry of God’s Spirit to equip and empower, renew and refresh believers.   God the Holy Spirit is actively at work in the lives of God’s people today.

Equipping:  We at CBU have no greater joy that seeing God’s people grow in Christ-like maturity and ministry effectiveness. When he ascended into heaven, Jesus gave gifts to his Church so that His people would be equipped for ministry (Ephesians 4:12).  Through anointed teaching and practical training the Holy Spirit makes us more like Jesus and equips us for ministry.

Gospel:  The story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection is central to all effective ministry.  The gospel is not only how we get saved; it’s how we live.  Paul called the gospel “the power of God unto salvation.”  That’s why we proclaim the good news of forgiveness and new life in Christ.  To read Bible verses about the the gospel, go HERE.  To read some quotes abou the gospel, go HERE

The Local Church:  CBU values and supports the ministry of the local church.  We believe that God calls his people to live out the Christian life with other believers in local communities called churches.  CBU seeks to bless and encourage the local church by equipping God’s people for effective ministry.  We gather for equipping and release for ministry.


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