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Paul's Footsteps 2014



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What would it have been like to travel with Paul as the gospel spread from Jerusalem to Rome?  How does the Word of God spread so rapidly?  What we can we learn from the record of church growth recorded in the book of Acts?

We are pleased to present Paul's Footsteps, a twelve-day adventure of discovery in Turkey and Greece.  Join us as we retrace the story of Acts 13 - 17.  Starting in Antioch where the Holy Spirit initiated the first intentional missionary sending, our journey will culminate on Mars Hill in Athens.  


Come and experience the power of following in the footsteps of Paul as he made his way through a network of cities, preaching the gospel and planting churches as he went.



You will gain historical perspective, biblical understanding, and spiritual renewal as we visit the ancient sites and modern cities first impacted by the powerful story of Jesus.  We will see the places where Paul and his missionary team preached, we will ride on the seas they sailed, and we will encounter the religious confusion into which the apostles brought God's message of light and life.


 We are committed to offering the best, safest, and most comfortable Spirit-filled travel opportunities to Turkey and Greece that are available today. This trip has been personally crafted  by our CBU team to provide a full blend of historical, biblical, and spiritual encounter.  Your heart will be stirred and your faith will grow as we follow in the footsteps of the apostles of Jesus.


ppp-10This is much more than just another tour - you'll experience personal transformation as we study the Bible and the historical, archeological, geopgraphic and cultural setting for the early spread of the greatest story ever told.

 Not only will you see all the key sites and significant places, but God will meet us as we reflect in scriptutre on what happened in times past and what it means for us today.  You see how God worked with a small band of people to do such a big work in such a challenging geographical, social, and spiritual context. 



We hope that you will join us as we travel in time, place and scripture in the footsteps of Paul.  In addition to the growth in mind and spirit, this will be a time of reflection and renewal as we cruise on the Aegean sea and visit some of the most beautiful places on planet earth.

 This is one trip you do not want to miss!






Consider Joining our Roman Adventure!


We are pleased to be offering offering an extraordinary opportunity to visit Rome.  This optional extension is well worth the extra time and cost.  Consider joining us for a few extra days as we continue to follow Paul's footsteps to Rome, where both he and Peter were martyred.  The history, beauty and signifance of Rome are astounding - it is the 3rd most visited city in the EU.



To find out more about Paul's Footsteps 2014:

  • Information:  learn about the trip details and how to sign up.
  • Itinerary:  discover the exact places and sites that we'll be visiting.