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Paul's Footsteps Itinerary


Join us as we journey in Paul's footsteps from Antioch to Athens.

Don't miss this extraordinary, life-changing adventure!


The Bible

Here are some of the Bible verses that describe some the places that we'll be visiting:

  • Acts 13:2 - Antioch
  • Acts 14:1-27 - Iconium, Derbe, and Lystra 
  • Acts 19:1-22 - Ephesus
  • Acts 18:1-18 - Corinth
  • Acts 17:16-34 - Athens
  • Revelation 1:9 - Patmos
  • Titus 1:5 - Crete
  • Colossians 1:12 - Colossae


Our Itinerary


Day 1 - Thursday, September 5

You can sit back and relax as you depart for Istanbul to begin the Adventure of a Lifetime. Dinner and breakfast are included on the overnight transatlantic flight.


Day 2 - Friday, September 6


Upon our morning arrival in Istanbul we will be welcomed by our guide and escorted to our hotel.   After check-in and a brief rest, we'll enjoy free time and an exotic shopping experience in the Grand Istanbul Bazaar, one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world.






Day 3 - Saturday, September 7


Istanbul straddles Europe and Asia, separated by the the Strait of the Dardanelles.  It has been a centre of Christianity and Islam, and was the capital of the the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, and the Ottoman Empire.  We will depart the hotel to visit ancient city of Constantinople, this historic city where East meets West. We'll explore historic churches and sites, including the Hagia Sophia, one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.  After a busy day, we'll retreat to our lovely hotel for a delicious buffet dinner and then off to bed for a good nights sleep.



Day 4 - Sunday, September 8 


We will transfer to the airport for an early flight to Adana.  We'll then drive by coach to Adana, which will serve as our base for exploring this region. We'll visit ancient Antioch, the sight of Paul's home church. We'll share a worship gathering together and spend time reflecting on the power of this the early apostolic, missionary-sending church. Dinner and overnight at our hotel.





Day 5 - Monday, September 9


After a good buffet breakfast, we'll start on our journey west.  On our way to Iconium, we will visit Derbe and Lystra.  In Derbe, Paul and Barnabas preached the gospel and made many disciples (Acts 14:21.  In Lystra, the local population thought Paul and Barnabus were Greek gods; Paul seized the opportunity to preach the gospel (Acts 14:8-18).  Finally we arrive in Iconium, where Paul "spent a long time there speaking boldly with reliance upon the Lord" (Acts 14:3).  We'll eat and overnight at a hotel in Iconium.



Day 6 - Tuesday, September 10


Continuing our journey to the coast, we'll encounter the rugged and beautiful terrain of central Turkey as we head for Pammukale.  






Day 7 - Wednesday, September 11

We'll spend the morning relaxing in the therapeutic springs of  Pammukale, the Cotton Castle.  After lunch, we'll make our way to the important sites of Colossae (Colossians 1:1-8) and Laodicea (Colossians 2:1, Colossians 4:13-17) and the ancient city of Hieropolis.  We will arrive at Selcuk for overnight.


Day 8 - Thursday, September 12


This is a huge day as we get to explore the ruins of ancient Ephesus (Acts 18:19, Acts 18:24, Acts 19:1-26).  Back to Selcuk hotel for dinner and overnight.







Days 9 - 11 Friday - Sunday, September 13-15


After breakfast we transfer to our ship for our 3 day (2 night) cruise on the Aegean.  This beautiful time of rest and exploration will include stops in Patmos (Revelation 1:9), Crete (Acts 27:12, Titus 1:5), and Santorini, with optional excursions available. 







Day 12 - Sunday, September 15


Arrive Mitelus.  We journey to ancient Corinth and explore the city where Paul had one of his longest stays (Acts 18:1-17).  The church in Corinth, though apostolically founded, provided no shortage of challenge for Paul as he worked to establish a firm foundation on Christ (1 Corinthians 1:4-9).

We will enjoy a great dinner and a pleasant overnight at our hotel in Athens.




Day 13 - Monday, September 16

The pinnacle of our trip will be the opportunity to experience Athens.  We'll stand on Mars Hill, where Paul unpacked the gospel to the intellectual elite of that city (Acts 17:16-34).  You'll see an amazing panorama of City and visit a huge variety of sites. That evening we'll reminesce and rejoice as we share a great farewell dinner together.




Day 14 - Tuesday, September 17

Depart, return to  Home Sweet Home



Please join us for a few extra days as we continue the footsteps of Paul traveling on to Rome.  We will have 3 lovely night in Rome to experience the warmth and beauty of Italy.  For those who take the optional extension, this will be the alternative plan:


Day 14 - September 17

We will depart from Athens on a flight to Rome and get settled in at our hotel.

Day 15 - September 18


After breakfast, meet your local guide for a full day guided tour in Rome. The tour starts from the Baroque fountain Di Trevi, one of the most famous fountains in the world. Throw a coin in it, to be ensured a return to Rome. Get to the Castel Sant Angelo, used by the popes as a fortress and castle, and now a museum. Have a break in Piazza Navona, one of the world's most famous squares. Continue to the Pantheon, the temple to all Gods in Ancient Rome. Get to the Spanish steps, the most majestic urban monuments of Roman Baroque style in Rome. Explore the Vatican Museums from inside and the treasures of the Popes. Admire Michelangelos famous ceiling inside the Sistine Chapel. Visit St Peter's Basilica, where Peter - the apostle who is considered the first pope - was crucified and buried.


Day 16 - September 19

Rome; Start your tour near Oppian Hill – one of the famous Seven Hills of Rome -- to enjoy panoramic views of the Colosseum, and then stroll down to it with your guide. As you walk around the Colosseum’s first and second tiers, your guide will keep you entertained with tales of gladiators, mock sea-battles and executions -- a fascinating insight into the amphitheater's gruesome past. Wander its circumference and learn what it must have been like when the crowds were roaring and the gladiator’s fate was decided by an emperor on a whim. After exploring the Colosseum, head outside and walk the short distance to the Roman Forum for an up-close look at some of Ancient Rome’s most evocative ruins. See sites like the Temple of Julius Caesar and the intriguing House of the Vestal Virgins, before strolling up Palatine Hill to admire the views of the ruins below. Look down over Nero’s Circus Maximus, where chariot races were once held, and then finish your tour on the Palatine Hill – the most famous of the Seven Hills of Rome. The rest of the day will be free at leisure.


Day 17 - September 20

We will depart Rome for the US arriving at JFK in the afternoon.


Please Note

  • We have planned too many extra bonuses to list them all. We work hard to ensure that your Paul's Footsteps' Experience is rewarding and enjoyable in every way possible. It's going to be great! Some sites may not be seen in the order listed.
  • Note: some sites may be added or deleted to enhance the itinerary so that all participants will experience the best programme possible. 


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